Encryption Europe supports and participates at the first Luxembourg Security Summit

March 2, 2020

The alliance will moderate a panel at 3:45 pm on the following topic: is encryption the CISO’s friend or foe?

Encryption is yet another dilemma for the CISO in the strategy to protect the IT infrastructure, the data and ultimately the people in the organisation. The time when information was believed protected behind passwords may be long gone, but the simple idea of adding another layer of security by encrypting data and communication raises concerns at all levels, from the IT team to the top management. If everyone is open to the promise of staying safe, few want to pay the price for it, in terms of convenience or cost. What are the benefits of protecting your organisation with encryption, other than the self-satisfaction of doing the right thing? Is there such a thing as encryption made robust and easy? Aren’t the risks of implementing encryption higher than the risks?


Arnaud Laprévote, CEO, Lybero.net

Bertrand Lathoud, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, C3 - Security Made in Luxembourg

Didier Hoareau, CEO, OnePrivacy SA

Léon Schumacher, CEO & co-founder, pEp Security SA

Moderator: Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, Coordinator, Encryption Europe