NTX research joins the Encryption Europe industrial alliance

May 5, 2020

Encryption Europe (encryptioneurope.eu) keeps growing and welcomes a new member, the French company NTX Research (ntx-research.com) based in Paris. This latest edition becomes the 8th member of the industrial alliance.

NTX Research develops cryptographic technologies (coding tables, PKI2.0) as well as other security solutions and software. The company brings its support to the development of Encryption Europe and its mission to promote the adoption of encryption technologies by European companies.

Pascal Thoniel, Founder and R&D Director of NTX Research: “For us, joining this alliance was obvious and an opportunity. The alliance members each have their specific area of expertise, but they pursue the same goal: ensuring digital trust on the Internet. We believe in the group dynamics to make known and adopt the technologies and security solutions of the alliance members”

Encryption Europe, an alliance of encryption SMEs in the field of encryption, is glad to welcome this new member which is part of its strategy to develop a network of international partners sharing similar values.

Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, Secretary of Encryption Europe: “NTX Research is a remarkable example of how SMEs can innovate in synergy with academic research. Attracting and supporting the development of companies like NTX Research is exactly what we hoped for when we established Encryption Europe”


NTX Research: ntx@ntx-research.com

Encryption Europe: contact@encryptioneurope.eu