Encryption Europe Annual Meeting 2020

September 23, 2020

The industrial alliance Encryption Europe welcomes its members and partners for the first annual meeting on October 23 at the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg 2020!

Public event

9:00 - Welcome Speech by Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, coordinator of Encryption Europe

9:10 - Roundtable: « What is Encryption Europe used for? From an idea to the creation of a dynamic ecosystem » with Pascal Steichen, CEO SECURITYMADEIN.LU, Pascal Thoniel, CEO of NTX Research and Constance Bommelaer de Leusser Area Vice President, Institutional Relations at The Internet Society.
Moderator: Grégory Wawszyniak Dumont, Stakeholder Relations Manager of Encryption Europe

10:00 - Roundtable « How to combine European encryption solutions and good relations with law enforcement? » moderated by Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, Encryption Europe Coordinator.

On this panel, Jean-Louis Huynen, Security Researcher at CIRCL (Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg) will share his day-to-day experience on how encryption is - at the same time - a necessary tool which secures his work, and an obstacle he needs to address to uncover illegal or harmful activities. In response and in dialogue, John Carr, advisor to ECPAT International, Lucien Castex, Secretary-General of ISOC France and Ciaran Martin, Professor of Practice at Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, will provide the perspective of the community taken in respectively 3 dimensions: the safety of our children, the protection of fundamental rights, and the interest of the government in the balance between cybersecurity and national security.

Replay available here: https://bbb.secin.lu/playback/presentation/2.0/playback.html?meetingId=b2a3d2e249ffb6d74f78eeebf5290cf0f09d6db9-1603435194843

Private event

15:45 - Ordinary general meeting