Webinar: Legal interception of communications - The inextricable issue of backdoors in encryption


Anyone who has heard of encryption knows that backdoors are one of the few options for law enforcement to intercept encrypted criminal communications.

However, the same vulnerabilities can be used by malicious actors to penetrate the IT systems of companies or public agencies.

Is there a fair balance between the use of backdoors and encrypted solutions that can protect citizens and what are the risks for industry players?

A keynote speech will be delivered by Timothée Rebours, co-founder and CEO of SEALD:

Then, the panel of experts invited by Encryption Europe and Tetraguard will share their thoughts on this complicated question:

  • Timothée Rebours, co-founder and CEO - SEALD
  • Alexandre Dulaunoy - Head of CIRCL /SECURITYMADEIN.LU
  • moderated by Grégory Wawszyniak Dumont, Public relations manager - Encryption Europe.