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Lybero protects public and private organisations from digital breaches with innovative solutions - Distributed digital escrow system for digital confidential information. - web transfer and storage encryption server software for organizations. - SDK allowing to use Lybero’s technologies to secure any web application natively through encryption.

NTX Research NTX Research is a company specializing in cybersecurity and information systems security. It invents cryptographic technologies (coding tables, PKI2.0), designs security solutions, and develops cybersecurity software: XCA authentication server, Win RGPD Manager, Smart City web application (connected objects), workspace secured… NTX Research has many recognized and patented skills in the field of strong authentication, encryption, digital signature, and key management infrastructure (PKI).

OnePrivacy is a Luxembourgish start-up in the field of Internet Security & Privacy. We are pioneers in developing innovative products that are as simple to use as mainstream offerings, but that guarantee our client’s privacy and control over their data. Our first product, Keexle is a fully end-to-end encrypted Communication & Collaboration platform for businesses and individuals.

PEP stands for pretty Easy privacy. It allows for straightforward and hassle-free encryption of written digital communication (e.g., email) by default. p=p is a cyber security solution which protects the confidentiality and reliability of communications for citizens, for public offices and for enterprises. It provides end-to-end cryptography on desktop, tablet or phone.

Seezam revolutionizes storage and transfer of sensitive information with an offer which benefits from Luxembourg’s regulations that place no limits on data encryption levels and which does not require service providers to hold on to encryption keys. Holder of Seezam gets high-quality protection, with the guarantee that Seezam operators don’t have any access to the client’s data.

Solutions.lu SOLUTIONS SA, based in Luxembourg, stands for all-round security products. Proven tetraguard software technology is combined with hardware-based security products for the cryptographic security of computer data. Data are protected already when copying onto removable media such as USB sticks. Furthermore, all sensitive data are automatically encrypted on the hard disk and in the network. The products are used worldwide - no backdoors, no hidden access.

SECURITYMADEIN.LU SECURITYMADEIN.LU builds on the integration of the pre-existing services, infrastructures, platforms, experience and competence of partners. It represents a central place for information security awareness-raising, information, support and problem solving material. The public services CIRCL, CASES and its partner initiatives are operated and promoted via SECURITYMADEIN.LU.Our portal is the link between the public cybersecurity initiatives and the local ecosystem.In our new Cybersecurity competence center, 3 competence areas are deployed: Threats and Vulnerabilities Observatory Training and Simulation Platform Testing Facility

tetraguard systems tetraguard systems GmbH is a leading provider in the field of IT security. The company (formerly tetraguard GmbH) became known for the development of data security systems on Microsoft Windows® platforms. It has since developed into a leading manufacturer for endpoint security and it works together with partners and customers in more than 15 countries.